Family Client

When it comes to your personal finances, we believe it’s important to be clear and transparent with what we do and how we work. We want you to have peace of mind.

As an Objective Wealth Family client, you will have access to our highest level of service. We understand that maintaining and increasing your family’s assets is of central importance, so you will have the benefit of considered and well-researched asset management with one of our leading partners suited to your portfolio.

We will organise at least half-yearly face-to-face meetings at a location that is convenient for you. At these meetings, we will discuss your current portfolio and its asset management, tax efficiency and correlation to your future financial plans.

Our face-to-face meetings will provide the opportunity to evaluate the various tax-efficient wrappers that are available to you, discuss growth and/or income options and a wider market appraisal. Following these meetings, you will receive a review document containing everything discussed at the meeting. As an Objective Wealth Family client, if any pension or ISA top-ups are recommended or desired, this will be completed with no additional cost to you. We also include pension set-ups and ISA sets-ups for your children where it is deemed appropriate.

Along with the updates on your portfolio at your face-to-face meetings, you will have real-time and up-to-date valuations through your personal portal, which can be accessed through Objective Wealth’s website.

As an Objective Wealth Family client, you will be entitled to our family orientated proposition. This is a bespoke proposition that is tailored to cater to your financial needs as a family. As part of this we will provide access to our legal and accountancy partners, or alternatively, we can work with your own preferred professional contacts. We do this to provide a coherent and integrated package to ensure the protection and smooth running of your assets and wealth, and work with accountants to ensure you have the correct tax planning procedures in place to meet your tax obligations.

We also work with legal professionals to assist with property transactions and probate work. Within our Family client proposition, our resident professional will writer can write and review your wills at no additional cost and put in place powers of attorney at a discounted cost.

At Objective Wealth, we feel it is necessary that you have full contact during office hours with your adviser, or a member of Objective Wealth’s support team, over your preferred means of communication. This can include speaking via telephone or email, or even a FaceTime or Skype appointment at a time that suits you at no extra cost.

In order to keep you regularly informed about the funds you are invested in and the wider markets, we will provide a quarterly newsletter that includes comments from fund managers and ourselves. At Objective Wealth, we will aim to host an annual seminar to which you will receive an invite to.


Talk to one of our team members today by calling 01403 701026 to find out more about our services and how to get started.

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