Objective Wealth

Areas of Expertise

We pride ourselves on the experience and versatility of our team and are confident we can help you and your family with a wide array of financial queries.

We specialise in several areas of personal financial planning and believe the following are key to ensure growth, sustainability and preservation of wealth.

Wealth Accumulation

When starting on your financial journey, experience has shown that with a clear plan from even the earliest stage in your adult life, you will become more focused and motivated to follow those steps.

It is tempting to think that financial planning is only applicable once you have accumulated wealth, but it is equally important to establish your financial goals early. We will refer back to this initial plan and continue to make changes over the years in keeping with the unforeseen changes to your journey.

We make use of the latest Cashflow planning software to help provide you with a measurable plan towards your financial goals. We will regularly refer back to this in our work and provide you with access so you can understand what the future might hold.

Retirement Income Planning

Planning for retirement is often considered to be the building of a pension fund, but the last ten years before drawing a retirement income are more important in many respects.

If you make unconsidered decisions at this stage, you may not have the ability to correct them later on. At Objective Wealth, we will ensure that you do not make these costly mistakes. We will also continue to review your plans throughout your retirement to ensure that you are on the correct path. 

Cashflow modelling remains crucial in our planning at this stage.

Mortgage and Life Protection Advice

To complement the work that we do to support your financial plans, we decided that offering a mortgage advice service was of great importance.
At the beginning of your financial journey, purchasing your own home is the most crucial aspect of your finances. We will source the right mortgage offer for you from all of the available lenders, as well as ensuring you have the correct financial protection in place for your family’s security.

Later Life Planning

You may require planning to ensure that you maintain your living standards in later life. This could include help in your own home or another care environment, and there are many aspects to consider at this stage. We can consider all of these with both you and your family to ensure that the correct decisions are made.

Legacy Planning

When passing on your estate to the next generation, tax and investment considerations are the main variables. We work hand-in-hand with our in-house will writing expert, or your chosen legal professional, to look at the trust options available to you and your family. We will involve all of the parties concerned and provide clear and concise advice to ensure the ongoing suitability of estate planning is reviewed regularly.

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