Objective Wealth

Our Fees

We know your money matters, so we’re dedicated to providing our fees upfront to give you peace of mind. We won’t surprise you with any hidden fees either.

We do not charge for our initial meeting with you as this is important to establish if you wish to engage with Objective Wealth and whether our services will have a positive impact on your financial life.

At Objective, we pride ourselves in providing our services in a simple and straightforward manner. We offer a new client review and a comprehensive planning report that takes in to account all of your personal and family circumstances. This will look at your whole financial situation and consider any changes in financial circumstances e.g. retirement, care home planning and receipt of inheritance. This will cost £1,450.

This is your report and you will have a clear picture of what needs to be considered with the actions you should take now and what actions you should take in the future. You do not have to proceed with the recommended actions with Objective Wealth, however, the initial fee will remain at £1,450. If you do wish to proceed then the implementation of the plan will be included in the £1,450.

We do reserve the right to charge a higher initial fee if there is a considerable amount of additional further work to be undertaken such as a large multiple policy consolidation, complex tax planning, multi-generational planning and complex investing. This will be a fee that is agreed upon after the initial consultation and assessment of the work required.

If we agree on an ongoing service schedule for you, we charge an ongoing advice fee to manage your portfolio. We charge 0.75% per annum of the total value of your investments. You will gain access to the most suitable service for your requirements, which can be found on our Services page.

Examples of Charges

Here are some examples of how our charges could apply:

–– If you invested £250,000 following our report, our initial fee would be £1,450 and then if you agree to our ongoing service schedule we will charge a further 0.75% per annum which in this case would be £1,875 per annum.

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